Northeastern British Columbia


Wage Subsidy


Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placements provide a wage subsidy to an eligible employer as incentive for the employer to hire and provide work experience to an eligible EI or BCEA-SPEI Client who has been identified as needing work experience.


Client Eligibility

Case Managed EI Clients and BCEA - Single Parent Employment Initiative (SPEI) Clients who have been assessed as needing work experience are eligible for this service.


Employer Eligibility


Not-for-Profit Sector

Aboriginal not-for-profit groups
Not-for-profit Band Councils
Associations of workers and/or of employers
Local community, charitable and voluntary organizations
Provincial non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Sector councils
National NGOs related to activities in BC
International NGOs related to activities in BC

Private Sector

Businesses (incorporated or unincorporated)
Industry and professional associations
Indian Band corporations (profit basis)
Private Band Councils
Private universities, colleges and career training institutions
International Sector related to activities in BC

Public Sector

Municipal governments and agencies
Public community colleges, provincial institutes and universities
School Board/Other educational institutions not elsewhere classified
Crown agencies
International governmental organizations, related to activities in BC


To be eligible for a Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placement, an employer must:

The employer makes the final decision to accept or decline the Client referred for the wage subsidy placement.

Wage subsidy placements must not be used to:

Situations in which work experience may be appropriate include, but are not limited to when a Client: