Northeastern British Columbia


Skills Training for Employment


Short Term Occupational Certificate Training

STOC Training provides basic entry level certification through short skills courses that are up to 35 hours in total duration.  STOC may be delivered as a stand-alone course or as part of a full-time group-based Job Search/Employment focused workshop.  STOC Training is expected to be full-time and is generally delivered in a classroom environment.  Where appropriate, STOC courses may be delivered on a part-time basis in order to accommodate client needs or other factors.


Skills Training for EI Clients

Skills Training includes services and supports to assist eligible Case Managed EI Clients to access a range of training to support them in achieving Sustainable Employment.

All Skills Training supported in the Program is to be part of a defined curriculum and:

The basic concept of Skills Training is to support eligible Case Managed Clients to obtain the skills that are necessary for them to find Sustainable Employment.

Clients requesting Skills Training must:

To be considered for Skills Training, eligible Clients must have:

Types of EI Clients