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Monday, October 01, 2018


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October 01, 2018

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Pacific Northern Gas Ltd
Burns Lake, BC

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Gas Fitter

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  • All qualifications required of a Customer Service Tech III.
  • Hold a valid Class GBEE B.C. Gas Fitters Licence and have successfully completed the two-year Gas Fitters Apprenticeship Program or other Company recognized training program.
  • Be competent in technical aspects related to public safety, customer relations and the welfare of the Company‚Äôs property.
  • Electrical endorsement required for Class GBEE ticket holders.
  • Experience in electronics, appliance repairs and trouble shooting.
  • Repair and make adjustments to residential and commercial equipment on customer premises, install and maintain gas measurement and pressure regulations equipment on customer premises and monitor and assist in the installation and maintenance of gas pressure regulation equipment at Company Regulating stations.
  • Operate and maintain a stand-by station for emergency or peak shaving (Prince Rupert area).
  • Promote the sale of gas, complete sign-ups of new customers, read meters, investigate reports of gas leaks, perform routine safety inspections on customer premises and take action to protect the public from any unsafe act or condition pertaining to the distribution of natural gas within his/her authority.
  • Assist other Company personnel as directed and prepare all required documents and paper work relative to sales and service duties.
  • Provide training and direction to subordinate Customer Service Technicians.
  • Perform stand-by duties and carry a pager or cell phone.
  • Assist and temporarily perform Customer Service Representative duties.
  • Respond to emergencies on the distribution system and direct and carry out appropriate actions involving damage to the system or the escape of gas.
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