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Monday, March 04, 2019


Date Posted:

March 04-31, 2019

Job Order #

Parttime Contract


BCCIC, Kootenay Collaboration Network
Work Location: Home Based

Job Title:

Regional Coordinator

Starting Date:

May 01, 2019


Please Note: this is a contracted position with no benefits.


Ideal Qualifications and Skill Sets

  • Experience with event planning & event promotion.
  • Experience with networking: ability to work effectively, cultivate and maintain relationships with a variety of groups, youth, volunteers, professionals, politicians and community members.
  • Able to leverage social media to promote events as well as establish ongoing relational capacity.
  • Proven organizational skills.
  • Proven financial budgeting skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • An interest in social and environmental issues.
  • Access to a vehicle. Class 5 Driver's License.
  • Access to a computer.

Event Planning:

  • Plan all events with input from the Steering Committee (SC), including but not limited to: co-creating interesting and relevant events and speakers with a social and/or environmental agenda, event planning and execution, establishing venues, food, attendees, promotion and finally reporting on the event.
  • Attend and coordinate all hosted events, sometimes in coordination with whichever SC members are able to support.
  • Promote all events through social media, postering, email, phone calls, news releases, etc.
  • Update the KCN page on the BCCIC website with the latest information on programming, photos and contact info.

Steering Committee (SC) Meetings:

  • Attend SC meetings. From time to time the Steering Committee may meet without the RC.
  • Chair all SC meetings (unless there is someone else to chair), take minutes at the meeting (unless there is someone else minuting), and establish the next SC meeting date and location.
  • Present financial report at each meeting including the existing budget, proposed budgets for upcoming events, and projected funds remaining.
  • Email the minutes to SC and post to Google Docs within a maximum of 4 days after the meeting.
  • Establish the agenda for upcoming SC meetings and send out an email reminder 1 week prior to the meeting with the agenda, asking for any changes necessary.


  • Maintain excellent communications with the SC.
  • Maintain communication and an ongoing relationship with our members via emails, newsletters, event postings and FB postings.
  • Generate, maintain and promote a social media campaign for KCN, especially finding a way to increase our FB presence.
  • Maintain all documentation in Google Docs.


  • Carefully log hours spent on deliverables and at the end of each month, email invoices to the chair for approval in a timely way. Post invoices to Google Drive.
  • Attend the Inter-Chapter meetings and RC meetings. Attend one BCCIC AGM.
  • Coordinate BCCIC newsletter submissions.
  • Sign new contract between KCN and RC annually by April 1st.
  • Ensure KCN and BCCIC sign new contract annually by April 1st.
  • Participate in the creation of our Annual Program Plan and submit the plan to BCCIC.
How to Apply:
Submit letter of interest and resume.
Closing Date:

March 31, 2019

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