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Thursday, February 15, 2018


Date Posted:

February 15-March 31, 2018

Job Order #

Fulltime subject to annual review and renewal


North Central Local Government Association
Prince George, BC

Job Title:

Executive Director

Starting Date:

July 01, 2018






The North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) is seeking an Executive Director to provide leadership, under the direction of the NCLGA President and Board, in:

  • Maximizing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of NCLGA Operations.
  • Strengthening the NCLGA Organization.
  • Increasing the NCLGA Financial Capacity and Sustainability.

A. Management and Administration

  1. Develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Priorities of the NCLGA.
  2. Ensure NCLGA Operations Manual, Policy Manual, and any guiding documents are current and accurate.
  3. Develop an annual calendar to include critical issues in a timely manner, identifying key issues and timelines for Board deliberations.
  4. Work with the President of NCLGA for effective and efficient Board and committee structure.
  5. Act as Secretary for the Association in accordance with NCLGA bylaws and policies.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Overseeing the administration of Board meetings and actions.
    • Sending Meeting/Calendar Invites to all Board Members at least 6 months in advance of meeting.
    • Arranging for appropriate meeting space for Board Meetings, including access to teleconference and/or video conference capabilities.
    • With the President of NCLGA, preparing Meeting Agendas and supporting materials for Committee and Board Meetings, including audio visual components when necessary.
    • Scheduling any speaking guests/presenters as requested by the Board.
    • Providing materials to facilitate Board analysis of issues and decision making before Board meetings.
    • Coordinating, prepare and disseminate information for meeting.
    • Providing assistance and support to Board committees.
    • Attending Board and leadership meetings.
    • Recording Minutes of all Board Meetings.
    • Tracking Board recommendations and maintain a reporting process to the Board.
    • Conducting and keeping records of all correspondence.
    • Preparing and maintaining all official records of the Society, providing storage for paper archives as well as back up of electronic records.
  6. Keep the Board members informed on factors impacting NCLGA.

B. Operational Management

  1. Provide the primary point of contact for the NCLGA (phone, email, fax, written business communications), responding to communications within reasonable time frames as negotiated with the Board.
  2. Establish office services to support operations of the organization.
  3. Provide planning and oversight for NCLGA events (i.e. AGM and Convention, UBCM Luncheon, Roundtables, etc.). Any proposed contracting of services must be presented to the Board for approval.
  4. Prepare the Itinerary Booklet and Annual Report for the AGM and Convention.
  5. Create audio/visual materials for the AGM, UBCM Luncheon, and other events.
  6. Provide regular communication between the NCLGA and its members regarding general information about the Association, awareness of other communities’ activities, and up-to-date knowledge regarding resolutions.
  7. Work with NCLGA President in producing NCLGA updates/electronic newsletter.
  8. Maintain the NCLGA website and Social Media sites.
  9. Maintain database of NCLGA members, partners, sponsors, educational institutions, etc.
  10. Demonstrate substantive knowledge of NCLGA programs, services and activities.
  11. Maintain and administer operational policies and procedures.
  12. Develop survey tools and administer the surveys to obtain input from membership as needed.
  13. Perform other duties as directed by the NCLGA Board.

C. Professional/Community Relationships

  1. Build the reputation, respect, and influence of the NCLGA.
  2. Work with the NCLGA Board to identify, establish and maintain liaison with professional organizations, community groups, government agencies, and partners important to the development and growth of NCLGA.
  3. Serve as the primary contact person for the NCLGA Board.
  4. Maintain a positive working relationship with NCLGA members, partner organizations, industry leaders, and other Area Associations.
  5. Maintain a positive working relationship with all levels of Government.
  6. Maintain a positive working relationship with First Nations.
  7. Identify and engage potential new members, in accordance with NCLGA’s membership criteria.

D. Fiscal Leadership

  1. Act as Treasurer (in conjunction with the first and second Vice Presidents) for the Association, in accordance with NCLGA by-laws and policies, by:
    (a) Maintaining accounting records and books.
    (b) Preparing of accounts payable/receivable.
    (c) Maintaining adequate and appropriate Membership Dues, overseeing their invoicing and collection.
    (d) Preparing and presenting Financial statements, as requested by the Board.
    (e) Receiving, depositing and recording all monies for NCLGA.
    (f) Submitting and processing payment of all approved expenditures.
    (g) Providing fiscal record keeping and reporting.
  2. Oversee Bookkeeping Services.
  3. Ensure that the organization is in compliance with related legislation.
  4. Lead the organization’s achievement of its mission and financial objectives.
  5. Lead the NCLGA Board in developing an annual budget and make financial decisions consistent with the budget as approved by the Board.
  6. Provide regular internal financial statements to the Board that compares performance to budget and to the previous year or other benchmarks.
  7. Plan for adequate cash flow to cover operational needs.
  8. Conduct the financial affairs of NCLGA in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the Board.
  9. Guide revenue-generating activities to provide income to the organization. This includes identifying and pursuing additional revenue sources and opportunities.
  10. Increase contributions to the NCLGA Endowment Fund.
  11. Obtain sponsorship for events, in accordance with NCLGA bylaws and policies.
  12. Ensure appropriate Investment Returns and report regularly to the Board.
  13. All the foregoing duties, and any other duties that may be assigned, shall be performed to the satisfaction of the NCLGA President, and the NCLGA Board of Directors, in conformity with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to NCLGA.
How to Apply:
  • The respondent for Executive Director shall provide a clear, concise response to the scope of service requirements set forth above.
  • The respondent for Executive Director will disclose any professional or financial interest in representing NCLGA.
Copies of the completed proposal must be submitted immediately. Proposals will be accepted until the end of day on March 31, 2018. Copies shall be mailed to:
  • Shaely Wilbur
    c/o Box 150
    Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G4


A. Proposals will be evaluated based upon, but not limited to, related experience of the respondent, knowledge of the NCLGA, and professional qualifications.

B. Proposals will be reviewed by the NCLGA Personnel Committee.

C. Interviews will be scheduled shortly after the individuals selected for interviews are notified.

D. NCLGA reserves the right to reject any proposal which does not conform to the instructions herewith. Additionally, NCLGA reserves the right to negotiate all final terms and conditions of any agreement.

E. Nothing in the Request for Proposal shall be deemed to commit NCLGA to engage in the hiring of the Executive Director.

Closing Date:

March 31, 2018