Northeastern British Columbia



How to apply to companies operating in the area.

NOC 8222 Supervisors, Oil & Gas Drilling & Service

bullet Fracturing Supervisor
bullet Multi-Service Operator
bullet Rig Manager
bullet Toolpush
bullet Well Services Crew Supervisor

NOC 8232 Oil & Gas Well Drillers, Servicers, Testers & Related Workers

bullet Driller
bullet Electric Line Operator
bullet Slickline Operator
bullet Logging & Perforating Operator
bullet Service Rig Operator
bullet Well Testing Operator

NOC 8412 Oil & Gas Well Drilling Workers & Services Operators

bullet Acid Truck Driver
bullet Cementer
bullet Chemical Services Operator
bullet Coiled Tubing Operator
bullet Derrickman, Motorman
bullet Pumper Operator

NOC 8615 Oil & Gas Drilling, Servicing & Related Laborers

bullet Floorman
bullet Wireline Helper
bullet Laborer
bullet Leasehand
bullet Roughneck
bullet Roustabout
bullet Service Rig Helper

NOC 9232 Petroleum, Gas & Chemical Process Operators

bullet Gas Field Operator
bullet Gas Plant Operator
bullet Gas Recovery Operator
bullet Petroleum Process Operator
bullet Pipeline Compressor Station Operator
bullet Refinery Operator

Careers in Oil & Gas

Petroleum Human Resource Council

ENFORM (Petroleum Industry Training Service & Canadian Petroleum Safety Council)

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There are many other careers which support the oil & gas industry.  Some of these are Instrument Technician, Cook, Pipefitter, Truck Driver, Surveyor, HD Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Operator, Office Clerk, & Partsperson to name just a few.