Northeastern British Columbia



Life-Long Learning

You are responsible for acquiring the skills you need to do your job and to advance your career. By committing to the concept of life-long learning you will not only move up the employment ladder, you will also broaden your options and enhance your life. Here are some ideas:

Learn about work:  On the job, learn everything about your position and then begin to learn more about the company, the industry, the labour market. All this will contribute to your being able to develop a "career path".

Learn about others:  Be curious and ask question of the people around you - those who enjoy their work, have been to school, have traveled. They hold knowledge that can broaden your horizons.

Take courses:  Look for classes offered through work or those that could lead to advancement. Or take courses you are interested in "just for fun." Try colleges, school boards, home study, and community centers and agencies.

Go to workshops and lectures:  Many are offered free or at minimal cost. Check billboards and community newspapers.

Read:  If you are not big on reading books, read newspapers, magazines, look at photo books or atlases. Try "talking" books. Use the library.

Watch TV:  Be more selective by watching shows that teach you something. Try documentaries, science and travel shows. Ask yourself: "What am I learning here?"

Volunteer:  This is a great way to meet new people, expand your skill base, and have fun. And it looks great on a resume! Choose a long-term commitment or special events. Learn something new or use skills you have.

Learn online:  The internet can be a great resource. Search for topics related to your work or industry. Find out about places your coworkers have lived. Research new products or new ways of doing things.

Learn in your spare time:  Read or listen to books on tape on the bus. Listen to radio documentaries or discussions while you do household chores.

Choose one of the suggestions above, or one of your own ideas, and commit, right now to make learning a part of your life.

Keep a list of ideas for learning.  List courses, suggestions from your boss or others, ideas for volunteering, etc.