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Congratulations!  You have landed a job!  In all likelihood you have submitted a resume, gone to an interview and perhaps received help from a program or agency.  But, there is more to be done to ensure a great beginning.

Whether you are starting your first job, returning to work after an absence, or embarking on a career in a new field, here are some guidelines and reminders that can assist your transition. 

Starting Out:

  1. Before you start
  2. First Day Guidelines
  3. Demonstrating a Positive Attitude
  4. Dress and Grooming
  5. Know the People
  6. Know the Organization
  7. Reliability and Calling In
  8. Shift Tracker
  9. Questions that Need Answers

Staying on Track:

  1. Ethics at Work
  2. Teamwork
  3. Quality Work - On Time
  4. Socializing at Work

Moving Up:

  1. Life-long Learning
  2. Taking Initiative
  3. Communication for Moving Up

Moving On:

  1. Developing a Career Path
  2. Job Search While You Are Working
  3. Leaving:  When and How

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