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Thank You Letters

Informational Interviews




Send thank you letters to anyone who has:

  • referred you to employers

  • interviewed you for employment

  • offered you a position

  • rejected you for employment

  • provided you with general information

  • written recommendations for you



Try to send the letters within 24 hours of the interviews, a maximum of two days later.

Length of your letter

Keep it to a brief page. Don't stress over it too much — it's more important just to send something quickly than to delay doing it for days.

Personalize each letter

Content of your letter

Other tips

Email vs. 'snail' mail


The following is a summary of employer responses to this question, as posed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Three out of the four employers responding said that an email thank-you note is acceptable. One said that thank-you notes should be sent by mail. Here's what each said:

Boston College