Northeastern British Columbia


5 Star Camp Catering

As a supplier of camp and catering support services for 25 to 400 plus clients throughout British Columbia and Alberta, we are dedicated to utilizing locally owned Aboriginal companies and sub-contractors wherever possible and strongly support and promote community projects within these communities.

5 Star Camp Catering pays wages and benefits that are above average for the camp catering industry.

To apply for a job at 5 Star Camp Catering, submit resume by email to or by fax to 250-277-1837.

5 Star Camp Catering currently has 9 employees.

Potential Jobs

Camp/Housing Managers: Must have some computer skills in Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Word.
Executive Chefs: Minimum 10-15 years experience with qualifying documentation.
Working Chefs: Must have 5 years Chef or kitchen management experience.
2nd Cooks: Must be able to prepare entrees, soups, sauces, stocks and starches.
Bakers: Minimum 3 years baking experience.
Sandwich Makers: Minimum 3-6 months experience.
Salad Makers: Minimum 3-6 months kitchen experience.
General Help: Should have a minimum of 3 months kitchen experience.
Servers / Dish / Pot Washers: No experience required.
Camp Attendants: No experience required.
Camp Janitors: No experience required.

5 Star Camp Catering
25530 Ness Lake Road
Prince George, BC  V2K 5M5
Phone:  250-277-4477
Fax:  250-277-1837