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Hudsonís Hope is situated midway between Chetwynd and Fort St John along Highway 29. This route follows the Peace River, is the most scenic in the area. One unique feature in the area is Williston Lake, one of the largest man made lakes, created during the building of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam. Hudsonís Hope is 64 km (40mi.) north of Chetwynd on Highway 29 and 90 km (56 mi.) west of Fort St John on Highway 29. When the dams were being built in the area, a lot of dinosaur fossils were unearthed.

Incorporated in 1965, Hudsonís Hope has a total area of 927 square kilometres. It is the second largest municipality in BC in terms of area.


Hudson's Hope has a population of 970 (2011 Census). According to BC Stats, the population was estimated at 1,074 (in 2012).


The three industries employing the majority of people in the Hudsonís Hope area are transportation & communications, education and logging & forestry.

The area has significant potential for development in the area of forestry value-added lumber manufacturing and tourism.

There is extensive agriculture in the District including cereal grains, forage crops, ranching, and logging. Retail businesses include grocery shopping, news and variety, museum souvenir shop, general store, two service stations, hardware store, auto repair, tire shop, business centre, two hotels, three restaurants, two bed and breakfasts, a convenience store and bank machine, cable television service, TV and satellite dish service and sales, a Credit Union and a multitude of home based occupations.

For more information about Hudson's Hope, please contact the District office at:

District of Hudson's Hope
9904 Dudley Drive, PO Box 330
Hudson's Hope, BC, VOC 1VO
Phone:  250-783-9901
Fax:  250-783-5741