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The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is situated in the northeast corner of British Columbia. The Town of Fort Nelson, the regional district's only municipality, is located at Historical Mile 300 on the Alaska Highway, 454 km north of Dawson Creek.


The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality has a population of 4,987 (2011 Census). According to BC Stats, the population was estimated at 5,910 (in 2012).


Fort Nelson looks forward to another period of growth as interest continues to fuel record-setting land tenure sales in the Horn River Basin just north of the town.  This most recent economic buoyancy is one that the community is well positioned to take advantage of with an established service sector, diverse and growing recreational opportunities, and a young energetic population.

Fort Nelson's service industry is an integral and growing sector of the local economy for two reasons. First, this sector is a major employer within the area, and second, it provides essential services to the other sectors of the economy including the petroleum, forestry, and mining industries.

Tourism is also very important to the region and is a sector with tremendous growth potential. The spectacular scenery and abundance of wildlife are of global significance and make Fort Nelson a 'world class' destination for adventure tourism, fly-in fishing and big game guide/outfitting. There are nine provincial parks, recreation areas and campgrounds within the Regional District including the renowned 'Liard Hot Springs'. The area is also home to the Northern Rockies Protected Area that is gaining distinction world wide.

Gas and Oil

Fort Nelson’s Oil & Gas production sector and Oil & Gas Service Sector continues to grow.  The geography of our region, technological advances, our location in BC, and provincial incentives and programs are all factors contributing to this growth.  Consequently, Fort Nelson is well positioned to service the recently headlining unconventional Shale Gas deposits in the Horn River Basin where three parcels alone generated over $51 million dollars in provincial revenue.

Fort Nelson’s gas processing plant is North America’s largest, based on volume of natural gas output. Recently, Spectra Energy announced a major Carbon Capture and Storage project that will again set records. 


Our unique forest with unparalleled aspen reserves, high quality spruce (the tensile strength of a 2x4 grown in the Northern Rockies is estimated to be equal to that of a 2x6 grown in more southern climates!), and virgin forests are sure to attract investment in the future.  In addition to traditional harvesting and manufacturing operations, there is opportunity in the development of value-added and niche forest products, and in supply and servicing operations.

Fort Nelson looks forward to a healthy forest future.  We are proud of our forest industry, forest companies, and forest workers who call Fort Nelson home.


Our regional tourism sector is a magnet for investment and offers tremendous growth opportunity. At Mile 300 of the historic Alaska Highway, Fort Nelson is situated on the doorstep of what is referred to as “the Serengeti of the North”, for the diversity of wildlife in the region, and for the magnificent Northern Rocky Mountains.  An average of 300,000 visitors experience the Northern Rockies every year.

For more information about the Town of Fort Nelson or the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, please contact the Town office at:

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality
Town Square, 5319 - 50th Avenue South, Bag Service 399,
Fort Nelson, BC, V0C 1R0
Phone: 250-774-2541
Fax: 250-774-6794